(Because of Covid concerns, the Eckankar Center is currently closed.
Under normal circumstance before Covid,

HU Chants were held the 2nd Wednesday & 3rd Sunday of each month at the Eckankar Center, as well as many other events.
Check back here for information about when in person events will resume. )

The Eckankar Center is located at 95 College Street, Burlington.   Just head up the stairs to the second floor where there are a variety  of activities open to all. This is a place where you can meet with others who have an interest in spirituality. There are open discussions and workshops and classes on a variety of topics, such as past lives, dreams, Soul Travel and life after death. All are warmly invited to join any of the regularly scheduled HU chants on the 2nd Wednesday and 3rd Sunday of each month.

Satsang classes (spiritual gatherings to study the teachings and spiritual exercises of Eckankar) are also offered a the Eckankar Center. There is a small book room where you might like to browse or watch a video of Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar.

Events at the Eckankar Center provide a place to explore your own spiritual questions and interests and learn more about Eckankar.

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Upcoming Events

HU Chants: The Sound of Soul

HU is the sound behind all sounds. Chanting HU can open your heart, helping you to find peace, expand your awareness, and gain a higher perspective on daily problems. A great way to learn about the HU is to try it out and experience it for yourself.

All are welcome to join any of the on-line HU Chants announced on this website.  Each HU Chant lasts about twenty minutes. You are welcome to chant out loud or simply listen, whatever is right for you. The chant is followed by a brief silent contemplation and conversation with others of like heart.

To hear thousands of people chanting HU:

HU image

To listen to the HU, you can visit http://www.HearHU.org


     “Singing HU has been practiced for thousands of years in one form or another for inner attunement. In the same way a musician can use a tuning fork to find the right pitch, the person singing HU tunes in to a higher spiritual awareness.”    

                                  -Harold Klemp, Spiritual Leader of Eckankar