Interested in learning how to de-stress and still the mind? Would you like a deeper awareness of yourself as a creative, eternal being? Want to develop your inner guidance for answers to challenges in your life? You are invited to this free afternoon of workshops introducing techniques to expand your innate ability to divine truth.

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Beyond the Mind:
Techniques to Awaken Your Inner Truth

  Sunday, November 11

Main Street Performing Arts Center
60 Lake Street, Burlington
in the Great Room, 3rd floor
1:00 – 4:30 pm
With Special Guests Mary Carroll Moore & Bill Elberty

Members of all faiths, traditions and walks of life will find common ground at this event. Workshop topics include:

Body/Mind/Soul: Who Am I Really?
Chanting HU: Exploring the Sound of Soul
Seeing Through Our Inner Senses: A New Approach to Life
Another Step to Freedom:  Truth Is Ours for the Asking

We will try contemplative exercises that can explore a Soul viewpoint, moving us beyond the limitations of the of mind.

To see the full program, click here.

Where to go at the Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center:  The event will be in the Great Room on the third floor.  The easiest and most direct way to get there is through the Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center entrance doors to the left of the Skinny Pancake on Lake Street. Through the doors at that entrance, you will see an elevator straight ahead.  Take that elevator to the 3rd floor. When you get out of the elevator, the Atrium lobby to the Great Room will be to your right. There will also be helpful signs to guide your way. 

Picture2Parking:   Free parking can be found in the Merrill Lynch parking lot behind the Main Street Landing building.  Going North on Lake Street, pass the Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center building and turn right into the first driveway.  The Merrill Lynch parking lot is in the back on the right.

There are two paid parking lots near the Echo Center, and there is ample on-street metered parking on Lake Street.  There is a city parking lot under the Hilton Hotel, across Battery Street from Main Street Landing.  Entrance to this lot is on Battery Street.