These discussions and workshops are open to everyone. They cover a range of topics at a variety of locations throughout the state. People of all faiths, traditions, and walks of life can share insights and find common ground at these events.

“Learn to go inside yourself because this is the source of all truth. There are a lot of holy temples out here but the most sacred of all is the temple inside of you, because this is where you meet with the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God.”

Harold Klemp, Spiritual Experiences Guidebook

Dreams and Soul Travel – Keys to Healing and Inner Peace
Dreams and Soul Travel offer us a way to connect with inner truth and find answers to our questions.  Have you had a significant dream or an out of the body experience?  This discussion is for all interested in an open forum for sharing spiritual experiences and questions.  We will try a spiritual exercise that will quiet the mind so the next step in healing the mind, body and heart may be discovered.  The spiritual exercise can also help open the world of dreams so they can become another true guide in living a more spiritual life.
Thursday, October 10, 6:00 – 7:00 pm – Ilsley Public Library, 75 Main Street, Middlebury 05753

Mining the Spiritual Gold of Adversity
The question of why bad things happen to good people has been around forever. We each face problems – some large, some small. What causes them? Can we avoid them? This open discussion will explore spiritual keys to find the root cause of our problems and to unlock the secrets of effective problem solving. We will try a spiritual exercise to kindle creativity and help us to understand and begin to resolve our challenges. Come share your stories and insights as we look to discover the spiritual growth that can arise from adversity.
Wednesday, October 16, 5:30 – 6:30 pm – Rutland Free Library,10 Court Street, Rutland 05701
( In the Small Meeting Room, on the 2nd floor)

Have You Had a Spiritual Experience?
Have you ever had the experience of seeing spiritual lights or hearing inner sounds, had strong intuitions or deja vu, dreams of flying, past life recall or an out-of-body experience? Here is a chance to share and explore your experiences with others.  There will be an opportunity to try a spiritual exercise that can open the way for more spiritual experiences in your life.              
Wednesday, November 6, 6:30 -7:30 pm – Fletcher Free Library, 235 College St, Burlington

Animals Are Soul Too
Our connection with animals can open our hearts and our lives. Has a departed pet returned in a dream? Has an animal healed you, protected you from harm or maybe even saved your life? Do you wonder if animals go to heaven? Our experiences with animals may help us with our deepest questions about life, love, and the divine purpose of Soul. Come share the surprising, funny, and profound ways animals have brought a spiritual love or insight into your life.                                                                     
Wednesday, November 13, 6:30 – 7:30 pm – Upper Valley Food Co-op, 193 Main Street, White River Junction 05001
(In the Classroom, on the second floor.  Walk around the left side of building to the back door. You can use the elevator right there near the back door or take the stairs and go left at the top of the stairs. Follow the corridor around to the left to the Classroom. )

Past Lives, Present Understanding
Have you lived before?  Could choices and experiences from other lifetimes be influencing your life today?  Come explore with others some ways an understanding of past lives can bring the gift of insight to your present life.  Learn techniques to awaken your consciousness to the blessing of greater awareness.
Thursday, December 12, 6:30 – 7:30 pm – Martha Canfield Library, 528 Arlington Road, Arlington 05250